Regionalism: The Implementation
of the New World Order

Fat Uncle Sam Taking Your Money Regionalism is the reordering and rearrangement of governments and jurisdictions so as to transfer power from elected legislative bodies to the executive branch and appointed officials. The international planners have divided the world into regions. The national planners have divided the individual countries into regions. The state planners have divided the states into regions.

At the international level, treaties are crafted and pushed through national legislatures in order to create international organizations and erode national sovereignty (e.g., NAFTA and GATT). A concerted effort is made to combine nations or portions of nations in order to provide an argument for international control.

At the national level, countries are divided into regions by executive order and councils of executive appointees are set up to control each region (e.g., the ten federal regions set up by President Nixon). Control is exercised through zoning and land use regulations and by requirements attached to federal grant money. Multiple states or portions of several states are included to bring the regions under federal jurisdiction.

The same process is repeated at the state level. Regional planning commissions are set up to control all development and funding through land use regulations and direction of spending of tax revenues. The planning commissions are composed of individuals appointed by state Governors, county commissioners, and city mayors, and often include federal appointees. They are not composed of elected representatives of the people who are accountable to the people.

NWO Regions Map At the local level, regionalism means the combining of municipalities to form new governmental units, with transfer of functions and control from the local level to the county, state, or federal level.

By this process of regionalization, the people lose all control over their own property and their own future. They are oppressed with heavy taxation, endless regulations, and swarms of bureaucrats and officials. This is socialist tyranny, and this is the goal of the New World Order planners.

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